Jesús Gastelum Bareño

Engineer in Renewable Energy Sources

Graduated from Engineering in Renewable Energy Sources from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, he has been a member of the CERCA organization since 2020 within the Department of Communities, and has participated as a member of the Caravana de la Ciencia project in the 5 municipalities of the state, has led CERCA's participation with the community, institutions and civil society organizations from 2022 to date. He is part of the group of Youth in Climate Action having a positive impact on cleaning abandoned spaces, on the knowledge of environmental education and promotion of renewable energies.

Head of Communities / 2022-Present
  • Description: Responsible for compliance with the planning, coordination and execution of activities for the Communities department. Managing to establish networks of citizen participation in different sectors of the population through community work, innovation, scientific dissemination and citizen empowerment.
  • Activities performed: Activity planning, event supervision, review of informative articles, community work through the generation of technological and design innovation, short talks on environmental education, generation of didactic and practical workshops, monitoring of actions and citizen empowerment.
  • Applied skills: Group management, good diction, reading and vocal comprehension, creativity, leadership, sense of innovation, writing, clarity and empathy.