Jesús Leobardo de la Toba Camacho

Electromechanical Engineer

Electromechanical engineer by training, in 2012 he completed a master's degree in business administration. He is currently a professor in the department of metal mechanics at Instituto Tecnológico de La Paz and member of CERCA as head of the Energy Department.

Head of Energy Department / 2023-Present
  • Description: Develop and coordinate research related to the national electricity system, specializing in the autonomous systems of the state. At the same time, he participates in fundraising for the development of each of the projects developed in the department.
  • Activities performed: Coordination of the department's lines of research, project development, project follow-up, generating approaches and links with people and centers dedicated to research.
  • Applied skills: Statistical analysis, project development, basic electricity, basic computing, teamwork.