Rodrigo Rangel Rodríguez

Biochemical Engineer

Biochemical Engineer with a specialty in Biotechnological Innovation from the National Technological Institute of Mexico, he has collaborated with CERCA since the air quality monitoring network began in 2018 and is currently responsible for the implementation, calibration and maintenance of devices. He has received training from the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change for the development of inventories of greenhouse gases and compounds; and developed a mathematical model of air pollutant dispersion with which he participated in air quality forums.

Head of Environmental Health and Quality / 2018-Present
  • Description: Develop and coordinate the investigations that are within the 4 lines of investigation belonging to the Department of Environmental Health and Quality, which are air quality, environmental health, climate change and marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as participate in fundraising for the development of projects that are within these lines.
  • Activities performed: Coordination of research lines of the department, development and monitoring of projects, generation of approaches and links with people and centers dedicated to research or related to the environmental and health area to promote the organization's projects and generate collaborations, promote the entry of students from different schools in the state to develop projects in the organization.
  • Applied skills: Team management; planning, organization and development of projects and research, management for collaboration in the development of research and projects.
  • Projects:
    1. Pollution perception survey in San Carlos, Comondú, B.C.S.
    2. Odor perception survey in El Cardonal, Comondú, B.C.S.
    3. Citizen air quality monitoring network.
    4. Inspection of potentially contaminated sites.
    5. Calibration of air quality devices.
    6. Diagnosis of Energy and Air Quality in La Paz in 2021