Alex Double

Alex "Doubsie" Double is an English photographer. He has been taking underwater photos for more than 50 years. His huge body of earlier work was photographed on 35mm slide film, mostly in the Red Sea, where he lived and worked at sea for 20 years. Many of his images have been printed in books and magazines or have won prizes in photographic competitions. His proudest achievement was winning First Prize in the category “The Underwater World” in the highly acclaimed international competition, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Since retiring and moving to La Paz in 2014, Alex has been producing digital underwater images with a difference. Moving away from traditional nature photography towards photo art, he now prefers to make a more powerful impact by digitally enhancing his own images, sometimes with subtle changes and other times by making dramatic colour statements and stylistic changes to the original image. In each case, his painstaking and time consuming work results in a unique work of art.