After six years of efforts to raise awareness about the importance of good health and the quality of the environment in Baja California Sur, positive results have been achieved.
We work under a structure made up of a board of directors and an operating team that makes it possible to meet our goals.
The board of directors guarantees that the decisions made meet the objectives for which CERCA was founded, and that there is transparency in the work and continuity in the programs. To Identify opportunities to strengthen the actions of the organization and provides recommendations.
The operation of the organization oversees a professional and socially committed team, with experience in health and environmental quality issues, energy transition, and community development that makes it possible to achieve the success of our projects to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Baja California Sur.
In this section you can learn more about the Board of Directors and the CERCA team:

Board of directors

John Martin Goebel


Andrea Victoria Inchaustegui Moreno

Secretaria del Consejo

Yolanda Chávez Cunnigham

Treasurer and legal representative

Arturo Salgado Higuera



Research Departments

Departments of outreach and citizen participation

Institutional Organization Chart