Thermal Power Plant

In Baja California Sur, the main sources of power generation are thermoelectric plants and internal combustion plants, one of which can be found in the municipality of Comondú, which is the General Agustín Olachea thermoelectric plant in the town of Puerto San Carlos. Which has been operating since 1991, and the other is the Punta Prieta thermoelectric plant, located in La Paz, and has been operating since 1979.

Thermoelectric power plants work with fuel oil and diesel to heat or boil water in a boiler, which generates saturated steam and superheated steam, this steam has high pressure and temperature, approximately up to 1400 C, and they move a series of blades or turbine at high speed, and all this passes to an electrical energy generator, which is what reaches the homes.

Also, there are internal combustion plants, which use fuel oil to work, but the main difference is that internal combustion plants use the gases produced from a combustion chamber, so they must be "burning" or consuming constantly a greater quantity of fuel in these “engines.” Which implies greater contamination by the residues that they emit from combustion.

Did you know that in Baja California Sur we have one of the highest electricity rates in the country?

Why is electricity so expensive in Baja California Sur?

Use fossil fuels:

The generation of electricity in Baja California Sur depends on the burning of fuel oil, gas, and other fossil fuels, which are increasingly expensive and scarce.

The central is obsolete:

They use old and unhealthy generation methods.

Lack of balance between consumption and generation:

The energy that is needed throughout the state is produced in only 2 of the 5 municipalities, which generates high distribution costs.

Energy efficiency

It is to improve the use we give to energy sources, that is, the way in which we use energy rationally and efficiently, to obtain some positive result by consuming what is necessary, not more.

In the following sections you will find our calculator where, depending on the electrical appliances in your home, you can calculate your electricity expenses during high and low seasons, and even calculate your emission based on it.

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© 2017, The consumption is calculated using the power and average consumption provided by the Instituto Nicaraguense de Energía (INE), the emission factors are calculated with the estimations from La Paz emissions inventory (Bermúdez et. al, 2013) for the power generation plants : CCI BCS and Punta Prieta.