Citizen empowerment

Presents and executes projects that promote the energy transition, from a legal perspective, such as the modification of legal frameworks and joint work with key institutions and individuals.

Collective environmental awareness

Encourage the appropriation of the problem of air quality, through the awareness of the population about pollution and renewable energy sources, to facilitate and promote the energy transition of Baja California Sur


CERCA's work is extremely important for future generations, their work is selfless.
-Martín Sandoval, SAMM Tech

CERCA is the only organization that is concerned about the environment in the state, and not only about the environment, but also about energy efficiency, distribution and production.

-Mauricio Salicrup, Los Cabos Hotel Association

CERCA contributes with its concern and occupation in the quality of our air, mainly in the municipality of La Paz, which is where the thermoelectric plants that pollute the air the most are located.
-Lorena Hinojosa, CANIRAC La Paz

CERCA is the social manifestation of the desire of the people of La Paz to preserve the environment and to change polluting generation for cleaner alternatives.

-Adrían González, Veleta Energy

It is important that CERCA continues to generate data on air quality so that current governments can take action to improve this issue, and so that citizens are aware of what we all breathe.
- Luis Enrique Torres Valles, Zone Energy Los Cabos

CERCA is an organization that warns, corrects and proposes solutions that do not harm the environment or its inhabitants.

-Francisco Loubet, Partes y Climas Loubet

CERCA is the best alternative for the general population, the work they do is very important.
-Jurem Luna, Goldbeck Solar

CERCA's work is very important for people to be informed about the problem of water and air pollution... Congratulations to CERCA for their work!
-Octavio Orozco, Plantas Solares

If there were more organizations like CERCA we would not be involved in a struggle to protect the environment.
-Arandi Torres, COPARMEX Los Cabos

The government of BCS appreciates the work, analysis and proactive criticism that CERCA does on environmental issues, and recognizes the work in favor of healthier air. CERCA has much to contribute to the community.
-Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, Government of the State of B.C.S.

We could describe his work as an invitation to awareness and the use of renewable energies, where he brings knowledge and technology to remote communities.
-Fidel López Ulloa, ENERCOMM

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Come Closer to Paradise

The Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality A.C. (CERCA) has been working intensely since 2016 to make visible the importance of a healthy environment for the inhabitants of BCS and for its ecosystems. This time with your help we will do it at a national level. With the "Approach Paradise" campaign, we will initiate an important mobilization throughout the country so that our government acts in the face of the serious consequences of global warming. We are already suffering and accelerating the deployment of wind and solar energy, bringing Mexico closer to La Paz, in order to comply with its international agreements to be part of the fight against climate change and not promote this environmental phenomenon that is threatening sustainable development, health, and life itself.

Baja California Sur is the only state in the country that has two electrical systems isolated from each other and that are not connected to the National Electric System. This energy isolation, together with the amount of sun and wind that it registers, makes it the most viable entity for generating and consuming 100 percent of its energy from clean sources. Have a positive impact to comply with the international climate agreements agreed by the Mexican government for 2024 and 2030, and thus stop being one of the most polluting nations in the world.

How to help?

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Join this incredible cause and support CERCA to continue with its mission in search of prosperity and clean air in Baja California Sur.

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Help us demand compliance with the federal energy policy and support the inhabitants of Baja California Sur to take advantage of the different ways of producing energy. Sign for distributed generation and get closer to paradise

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Participate in "Events with a Cause"

CERCA is a non-profit civil association, this means that we do not profit from the activities we carry out, but financial support is required through donations, which finance the different projects that the association is working on. Due to the above, CERCA occasionally develops fundraising events with the purpose of supporting the cause that encompasses the projects we are currently working on.

Events held in 2023

Auction "Art with a Cause": The Life That Weaves the Sea

CERCA in 2022 held a wine auction at Puerta Cortés, this being the first edition of a CERCA event held at Puerta Cortés. In 2023 an art auction with a cause: "The Life That Weaves the Sea" was held at Puerta Cortés considering this the second edition of a CERCA event held at Puerta Cortés itself. The auction was held last Thursday, February 23, 2023, at the Beach Club of Puerta Cortes Resort. The objective of the event was to raise funds for the Sustainable Rural Communities project. This project seeks to support fishing and agricultural communities and ranches that are off-grid, with an autonomous renewable energy kiosk operated by the same population through capacity building. CERCA seeks to develop this kind of events in collaboration with Puerta Cortés and sponsors at least once a year, becoming an annual event of the association.

Runway for Sustainability

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, the Runway for Sustainability fundraising event was held at the facilities of Luxury Avenue Mall Los Cabos, B.C.S., Mexico. The objective of this fundraising event was to support CERCA's "Sustainable Rural Communities" program, which consists of the development and implementation of clean and renewable energy photovoltaic centers in communities that are disconnected from the electricity grid.

The event was co-created with the Luxury Avenue Mall team, which is committed to creating community, supporting culture and art, caring for the environment, and highlighting the roots of Mexico. Likewise, we have the support of Ragne Sinikas, founder of the World Women Conference & Awards, and three great local designers: Angie Carranza, Rocio Coronel and Sonia Falcone.

We thank the support of socially responsible people and companies such as AV Clinique de beauté, Baja Digital, Bazar Cabo, Cabomil, Cabo Models, Corazón Hotel & Spa, Chef Yobet Mayo, Daniel Espinosa Jewelry, Dj Alejandro Rivas, Direction of Municipal Tourism in Los Cabos, Flower Yard, Iván Sánchez, Kua Private Chef, Liceo Universidad, Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), María Ocampo, Marlini, Moxi, Ocean Blue Magazine, Octavio Salón, Destino Magazine, Rey Xumu Mezcal, The Shoetique and World Women Conference & Awards.

Fotografías del Evento

Alfredo Álvarez Photography Event

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 20, the Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality (CERCA) held at Publieto Marinero in Puerta Cortés, great allies and collaborators, the photography exhibition of Alfredo Álvarez as part of the "Come Closer to Paradise" campaign.

Alfredo Álvarez, native of Mexico City and naturalized as a sudcaliforniano (South Californian) has been selected to exhibit his work at the Mexican consulate in Calgary, Canada from August 3 to September 13 of this year. Being an artist who portrays the state of conservation and landscape richness of Baja California Sur, it is an honor for CERCA to accompany this exhibition as part of the “Come Closer to Paradise” campaign so that more people in the world know and join to the actions of care and responsibility that paradise implies, ensuring that we can have environmental health conditions for present and future generations.

The photography exhibition served as a fundraising event to cover the logistics of the trip and the artist's exhibition, which was strengthened by the presence and participation of great artists such as Mariana Varela, Roberto Ojeda and Taiki Castro Sui Qui who accompanied them with live music and contemporary dance.

Likewise, there was the presence of the Xoloescuincle restaurant who offered delicious appetizers to the attendees; the Dos Mares craft brewery that, in addition to a fresh beer, shared a refreshing kombucha with hibiscus and rosemary; and also the Cocktails Club mixology bar with spectacular prepared drinks.

This event was possible thanks to the support and commitment of the La Paz community. That is why we wholeheartedly thank those who provided the necessary elements to achieve this event, such as Puerta Cortés, Baja Digital, Xoloescuincle Restaurant, Dos Mares brewery, Armonía en Verde vegan cosmetics, Sol Azul oyster farming, BCS marine meadows, ENI Diving and Exploration and Ruta Film.


Álbum del evento

Seminario de Innovación para Jóvenes

CERCA te invita a ser parte del SEMINARIO DE EMPRENDIMIENTO E INNOVACIÓN en favor de las comunidades rurales del estado de Baja California Sur. Antes de empezar el registro, te recomendamos leer la convocatoria del seminario, la cuál encontrarás en el siguiente enlace:

Convocatoria del Seminario.

Registro al Taller.

Sección de Proyectos.