Our vision

To achieve the transformation of energy sources in the state of Baja California Sur and of all polluting sources to have a positive impact on air quality and public health in our communities and cities.

10-year action plan

  1.  To generate technical inputs that allow the withdrawal or extension of the limits to the interconnection for distributed generation in BCS.
  2. Promote an international competition for the implementation of a technology or pilot project with a renewable energy source in BCS.
  3. Influence to guarantee the supply of electricity in BCS in an affordable and sustainable way.
  4. Promote the implementation of solutions for related services in electrical systems.
  5. Make visible the need for investment in infrastructure to generate electricity with renewable energy sources.
  6. Manage solutions to strengthen supply and transmission systems in BCS to support and have a resilient electrical system.
  7. Having a diverse and sustainable electrical system that works based on a electricity generation mix.