John Izzik

Since April 2013 I have been living in La Paz, B.C.S. under the Permanent Resident regime, I have a Federal Taxpayer Registry.

“Each blank canvas plunges me into a wordless confrontation. It may be scribbling directed at the bare canvas, and soon colors appear here and there…as if the canvas is guiding me to apply another color, in another way, and then again. I let my intuition dance with the canvas…until I reach satisfaction.”

John Izzik

In 1985 and 1986 he was awarded the Pacifete Prize 85 and by the Francofonito Arts Council 86 in Vancouver, Canada; in 1993 won first place at the Visual Arts Festival in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

In 2017, he received the Acquisition Award with his painting "The Rude Awakening of Queen Calafia" at the VIII Carlos Olachea Sudcalifornian Biennial of Visual Arts in La Paz, Baja California Sur.


1985 - 1st prize PACIFETE Vancouver Exhibition Robson-Square Gallery

1985 - OXFORD GALLERY, Seattle, WA, USA (Collective)

1986 - STEEL GALLERY, Bruges, Belgium (Collective)

1987 - GELE GIER GALLERY, Ghent, Belgium (Individual)

1988 - CATHARINA GALLERY, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Individual)

1989 - SINCLAIR CENTER, Vancouver, Canada (Individual)

1990 - Art Festival in Lion Bay, BC, Canada, (Collective)

1991 - Seymour Art Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Collective)

1993 - SANDWELL GALLERY, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Individual)

2004 - FOX HOLLOE GALLERY, Eugene, Oregon, USA (Individual)

2013 - LA ENCANTADA GALLERY, La Paz, B.C.S, Mexico (Individual)

2014 - WINGS AND WAVES GALLERY, Todos Santos, B.C.S, Mexico (Collective)

2015 - NIM RESTAURANT, La Paz, B.C.S, Mexico (Individual)

2016 - LA MORANTE GALLERY, La Paz, B.C.S, Mexico (individual)

2017 - LA PINTADA GALLERY, B.C.S House of Culture (Individual)

2018 - LA PINTADA GALLERY, B.C.S House of Culture (Individual)

2019 - LA PINTADA GALLERY, B.C.S House of Culture (Individual)


Participation in the Sudcalifornian Biennial


2021 - TENTH SUDCALIFORNIAN BIENNIAL Collective exhibition of participants