Pamela Selene Mondragón Guzmán

Master's degree in Education and Leadership

Master's degree in Education and Leadership, Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and International Business from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional.
Work experience in the development of projects and social research in communities and education. Experience in teaching and management of groups and in educational and environmental issues.
With ideals of fostering social change through playful education that affect the care of the environment and health.

Fundraising Liason / 2023-Present
  • Description: To support the achievement of successful fundraising and donor follow-up that will result in the financial sustainability of the organization.
  • Activities performed: Scheduling meetings for follow-up and reporting, documenting evidence of organizational progress and project reporting, reporting, organization, planning and execution of events, citizen liaison, collaboration with other CSOs.
  • Applied skills: Group management, networking with other CSOs, networking with potential partners, planning fundraising strategies and developing strategies to share the cause with the community, donors and partners.