Leonardo González

Leonardo Gonzalez is a nature photographer specialized in marine landscapes and the life that inhabits them. His love for the sea began in his childhood in his birthplace in Venezuela, right in front of the coast where he always wondered about the treasures that dwell beneath the surface, in addition to that he grew up watching every marine wildlife documentary available at the time.

Until today he has been capturing images of the Sea of Cortez for over 10 years, with special emphasis on the great recovery of the marine life of Cabo Pulmo, and the underwater beauties of the Espíritu Santo Archipelago. His passion for underwater photography and nature in general has taken him to many corners of Mexican geography but his favorite place is Baja California Sur.

His approach as an artist begins considering that one of the best ways for the public to love nature is to know it, and there is no better way to do it than by putting images of those hidden places within the reach of everyone's gaze in the form of videos or still images. For a long time he has worked in areas related to nature tourism and conservation and now those images that have been used to help initiatives to protect those places, are now available for you to get one exclusive printed copy of them for you to enjoy anywhere you choose, he thinks that all the wildlife showcased on his portfolio is the very core of the reason of why you are here in this blessed corner of the planet.