Orso Angulo

Orso Juan Angulo Campillo is a visual artist from Mexico City. In 1992 he began his studies in Marine Biology at the University of Baja California Sur, later obtaining the degrees of Master in Science (2003) and Doctor in Science (2009) at the IPN-CICIMAR. Derived from his work, he has written 14 publications in national and international journals and the description of four new species of marine mollusks from Mexico.

He has participated as the person in charge of cutting and installing 6 metal sculptural murals authored by Anibal Angulo, which are located at the University of Baja California Sur. In 2017 he joined the Morfos collective and in 2018 they created the commemorative mural for the 55th anniversary of INAPESCA, at the Regional Center for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research in La Paz, B.C.S., in 2019 they presented "BallenoMorfas", made up of 9 Gray whale sculptures.

Collectively, he has collaborated in 15 exhibitions, such as; Eighth Sudcalifornian Biennial of Visual Arts (2017), Fotosensible (2018), Mexico: Arte de punta a punta (CDMX, 2019), Las Orillas del Sueño (2021).

His permanent contact with the different marine species and his artistic activity motivated him to investigate the technique of the Japanese art GYOTAKU and while on the small research vessels he undertook the task of capturing the different organisms that are captured in the fishing nets. This activity led him to hold his first exhibition in 2015 entitled "El alma de los peces", at the Carlos Olachea State Gallery. Subsequently "Estampas en el tiempo" (2016) and "Confalones" (2017) in the City of La Paz, in 2018 he presented "IctioSudarium" at the UNAM Institute of Biology and "Ictiografias" in La Paz (2019).


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